Thursday 21st February 2019

Columbia's vibrant colours, culture, and magnificent plant life will be the centrepiece of Kew Gardens 2019 Orchids Festival in February.  Inside the tropical paradise of the Princess of Wales Conservatory, visitors to Kew’s 24th annual Orchids Festival will get a chance to shake off the winter blues and get creative through a host of exciting new events and activities designed to appeal to all ages.


Colourful floral displays will welcome visitors as they enter the tropical glasshouse and wander through a magnificently colourful Vanda tunnel, with three arches delicately covered with hanging orchids.

As well as the stunning visual displays, visitors will be immersed in the sounds of Columbia's everyday hustle and bustle via four different specially commissioned soundscapes playing inside the glasshouse.

Botanists have been naming and describing orchids for more than 250 years and Kew is a world leader in this field.  Last year alone, 600 new species were discovered worldwide. Many orchids have important medicinal properties as well as being revered globally for their delicate beauty.


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