Many will have seen the red & white 'STANTA' signs near Thetford.  But what is it.......??

Stanford Training Area (STANTA), originally known as Stanford Battle Area, is a British Army training area situated in the English county of Norfolk. The area is approximately 30,000 acres (120 km2) in size; it is some 7 miles (11 km) north of the town of Thetford and 25 miles (40 km) south-west of the city of Norwich. The site is run by the Operational Training and Advisory Group (OPTAG).

The area was originally established in 1942 when a battle training area was required and a 'Nazi village' established. Military exercises were already known in the area; tanks had deployed to Thetford in the First World War. The complete takeover involved the evacuation of the villages of Buckenham Tofts, Langford, Stanford, Sturston, Tottington and West Tofts.

The area was used during the run-up to the D-Day invasion and since then has hosted many exercises. A regular visitor is 16 Air Assault Brigade who hold their annual Gryphon exercises there. It is also used by cadets to complete Fieldcraft exercises.

In 2009 a 12.5-acre (51,000 m2) village designed to replicate its Afghan equivalent, was added to the Battle Area for the training of troops deployed in support of the War in Afghanistan. The site, built at a cost of £14 million, is state of the art and manned by Afghan nationals, ex-Gurkha soldiers and amputee actors, who simulate the Afghan National Army, locals and wounded soldiers.  The village includes houses, a market and a mosque. It also features a system that pumps out smells like rotten meat and sewage.  Further details can be seen by pasting the following link.  


Only a handful of tours are arranged each year and IC Travel have secured a rare opportunity to visit this secretive location.  Under 16's not permitted.

Cost includes donation to Military Charities


Depart 1.30pm tbc





PRICE:  Coach & Tour: £27 - SORRY SOLD OUT

To book ring:  01603 868680 or email:


Price: £0.00

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  1. Michael webster says:

    Hello I seeit was sold out but do you know if any more will be on in the next few months after it. As I woukd like to show my grandad some photo s. I’ve seen some on line but I woukd rather go on a but than do what I’m not ment to and go walking. On my own. What’s a no no. I was told by the police that I can go on a trip and that I should get a letter about the next 1 but I didn’t or maybe he never sent it. So I wish not to break the law. And I wish to go on via bust trip. If you have any drop out at all please call me on 07756095913

  2. Hollie Wells says:

    Hi please could you add me to the mailing list for future visits to Stanta. My children are itching to get in there! Many thanks

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